Dedicated Worship Space Exterior Project


The Parish Pastoral Council invites all St. Alphonsus parishioners to submit images and textual descriptions of their preferred church exterior elevations and styles, to be considered for the dedicated worship space process.

In order to submit your entry, simply send an email containing images and/or descriptions of your preferred elevations to  These submissions will be organized into three composite style groupings. From these composite groupings an artist will prepare three conceptual elevation drawings, which will be presented to the parish, and voted on by parish members. The winning conceptual elevation will be included in a "Request for Information" which will be solicited as part of a feasibility study.


As you gather your submission for the Church Elevation Project, please consider praying the following prayer asking for assistance in the undertaking of this project:

Heavenly Father, 

As the early Christians were of one heart and one mind – we ask you to bestow on all of us that same spirit of unity.  Touch the hearts and minds of our Parish Family as we prepare to build a permanent worship space. Increase in all of us a spirit of love, generosity, alms-giving and selflessness for the support of this project.  We pray that faith, hope and charity prevail among all of us as we undertake this project with your assistance and abundant blessings.  Through Christ our Lord.  Amen